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The real name of John Cena is John Felix Anthony Cena, and he was born on April 23, 1977, in Newbury. His father’s name is John Joseph Cena, and his mother’s name is Carol Cena. His father is Italian, and his mother is Canadian. He is the grandson of the famous baseball player Tony Lupien. John Cena had an interest in playing football, and he used to play football during his college days. After college, he joined a gym and developed a passion for bodybuilding. Alongside his bodybuilding aspirations, he also prepared to become a limousine driver. Now, he is like a rising star and a superstar in the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment).

John Cena’s college life was spent in such a way that he completed his graduation from Springfield College. Although he wouldn’t believe it himself, he had applied to 60 colleges, out of which 58 accepted him. However, John Cena gave priority to Springfield College and completed his education there. John Cena has five brothers, and he stands out among them, occupying the second position. He lives his life like a true gentleman and comes from a prestigious family.

John Cena started his journey in wrestling from the training of Dr. of Thuganomics, where he also began his character development. He first took on the role of The Prototype. I saw John Cena for the first time in a WWE fight on June 27, 2002, where he had a match against Kurt Angle. It was the first time he had to face defeat while fighting against someone like Kurt Angle.

After 2002, from 2004 onwards, John Cena’s journey towards stardom began, and he started emerging as a famous personality. In 2004, Cena had a match with Big Show, which led him to win the championship and claim it as his own. However, shortly after that, John Cena lost the title, but after his efforts, he regained it. In the same year, Cena had a match with superstar Carlito, who defeated him and took the title for himself. During this fight, Cena suffered a severe injury to his Kidney, which kept him out of WWE for a month as he underwent treatment.

Due to John Cena’s fame, he had many enemies around 2005 or 2006. He had conflicts with several superstars, including manager Eric Bischoff, Bradshaw Layfield, Chris Jericho, and Edge, as well as feuds. However, during these conflicts, he also made good friends. Carlito also became Cena’s good friend when John Cena teamed up with Jeff Hardy, and they had a fight against Johnny Nitro and Randy Orton, where Cena was victorious.

In 2007, it was very difficult for John Cena. This year, he had a match with Kevin Federline, a rap star and Britney Spears’ ex. They were joined by Umaga, who helped them, and John Cena lost the match. After losing the match, John Cena expressed his anger by slapping Kevin Federline behind the stage and sought revenge. Despite many fights during the year, 2007 was a good year for John Cena because he defeated the Samoan Bulldozer at the beginning of the year, becoming the first person to defeat him. This victory increased his fame. In the same year, John Cena, The Chain Gang Soldier, and Shawn Michaels teamed up to defeat the RKO tag team, Edge, and Randy Orton, and they won the match in their name.

In the year of October 2007, John Cena fell victim to an injury and lost his WWE Championship title. In October, he had a fight with Mr. Kennedy, during which Cena’s chest was badly affected due to a hip toss. He had to endure intense pain but he bravely completed the match, including the scripted parts. The next day, he underwent a check-up, which revealed a complete tear of the pectoral major muscle from the bone. His recovery period was expected to be around 8 months to 1 year, and during this time, he was not permitted to compete in any matches. As a result, the WWE CEO stripped him of his title and ended his fame.

John Cena made his return to WWE in 2008. That year, his first match was the Royal Rumble match, which he won. After that, Cena had a match with JBL at Judgment Day and another match at One Night Stand. In their first match, Cena defeated JBL in a blood match. However, JBL got his revenge by defeating Cena in a parking lot brawl in New York after staying away from the ring for a while. In August, John Cena was replaced by Rey Mysterio as it was announced that Cena had not fully recovered and needed surgery for a herniated disk in his neck. He would be out of WWE for a while during the surgery and recovery period. On August 25, Doctor Joseph Maroon performed continuous surgeries on John Cena’s neck disk to ensure a speedy recovery.

After facing so many difficulties, John Cena also worked in films. His first film was “The Marine,” which was a WWE franchise movie. In this film, John portrayed the character of John Triton. Many fans watched this film, and it gained popularity. Cena’s fans were eager to watch his film, and a large number of them came to see it because it was his first film shown on the big screen.

Film or wrestling, these individuals have been seen in many songs as well. They were included in their resumes by WWE wrestler artists when their first album was released, titled “You Can’t See Me.” This was a rap album that made its way onto the US Billboard 200 chart. The album was created by Cena’s cousin, who collaborated with Trademarc on the record. One of the popular songs from the album was under the rap group name Estoric, which performed alongside John Cena and the renowned Bumpy Knuckles. Cena is a WWE wrestler who has performed on the BBC Two’s “Top of the Pops” show for a considerable amount of time.

If we talk about fashion, Cena is often seen wearing short jeans and throwback jerseys. It’s his own style. When he was first seen in WWE, he used to imitate the Chain Gang merchandise and would often dress up in similar attire. When his first film, The Marine, was released, he was seen for the first time in a military-inspired outfit and it had a strong impact on him.


Cena is not unfamiliar to anyone. He has worked in the film industry, WWE, fashion, and has also dabbled in music. Even before appearing in movies, he was already very famous worldwide. Almost every household recognizes him, and people appreciate whatever he has achieved. He has attained success through his hard work and dedication. His fans are eagerly waiting to see him make a comeback in WWE in the future.

They had a film called “12 Rounds” which they completed shooting for when they were injured in 2007. This shows that they are hardworking stars. These are the names of many famous good friends of  Cena who were with them in WWE: John Hennigan, Batista, Randy Orton, Carlito, Jeff and Matt Hardy.

John Cena

Mini Bio

John Cena age 2023

46 years

John Cena wife

Shay Shariatzadeh

John Cena net worth 2023

$80 million USD

John Cena height

180 cm Meters: 1.80 m Feet Inches: 5′ 11″

John Cena weight

250 lbs (approx. 113 kg)

Matches in WWE

2162 matches

Matches won by John Cena

1756 matches

Matches lost by John Cena

406 matches

John Cena children

John Cena has no children

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