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Short Biography

He is called Mr Beast in the world, his real name is Jimmy Donaldson. He is born on May 7, 1998, in a city called Kansas in the United States. He is a famous YouTuber who creates captivating videos and entertains people. He has gained popularity by making their videos appealing and has become an amiable and people-friendly person.

Mr Beast often used to move from one place to another because his parents were in the military and they served their country. Then, in 2007, his parents got divorced, which led him to attend a small college in his area called Greenville Christian Academy in 2016. He completed his education there, which is a small Christian high school in that area.

Mr Beast started making videos in 2017. In these videos, he used to face challenges such as counting up to 100,000 or watching videos for 10 hours. People liked these challenging videos, and they gained popularity by making such videos. They received a lot of subscribers and fame at that time.

Mr. Beast is a kind-hearted person who does a lot for humanity. You may have often seen that he keeps uploading videos of giving money to people, which are in large amounts. In his videos, he shows the distribution of money to deserving individuals who are in need. He has provided money to many homeless people, and he consistently plants trees. So far, he must have planted millions of trees, and he supports people in terms of mental health and education.

Mr. Beast has always been portrayed as a friend of humanity in his videos, where he showcases various experiments and keeps uploading videos to reach out to people. These videos are eagerly watched and appreciated by millions of individuals, and his fans’ reviews are always positive. It is through these videos that he has established himself as the world’s biggest YouTuber.

Mr Beast has taken steps in entrepreneurship along with YouTube and has established several businesses under his name. He has opened an online shop for clothing that has gained popularity in online shopping. In addition to this, he is also the owner of a virtual reality company. Through these businesses, he aims to maintain a profitable venture and prioritize giving back to the community by helping those in need.

Mr. Beast has the talent to attract people with his charming cash and captivate their hearts. According to my knowledge, Mr. Beast currently has 155 million subscribers in 2023 and receives billions of views, which is a significant number of people. Many fans are willing to go to great lengths for him, and he is no less than a hero to them.

The success of Mr. Beast has made him the most famous and top-ranked YouTuber in the world with the highest number of subscribers. In each of his videos, there is always a new content that attracts people towards him, and so far, he has continued to release his videos. His acts of kindness have been witnessed by the whole world, and he is known globally just like a celebrity.

Mr Beast

Mini Bio

Mr Beast girlfriend 2023

Thea Booysen

Mr Beast net worth 2023

$110 million

Mr Beast subscribers 2023

155 million subscribers

Monthly Income

$3 Million

Mr Beast age 2023

25 years

Mr Beast Brands

MrBeast Burgers, Feastables, Quidd, CSGO Lotto

Most Viewed Video

“Beat the Squid Game” – 438 million views

Least Viewed Video

“Vegas editing tutorial” – 2000 views

Where Mr Beast lives

Greenville, North Carolina, USA

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