The Edge

Short Biography

Early Life

The person whom the world knows by the name Edge is actually named Adam Joseph Copeland. He was born on October 30, 1973, in a city called Orangeville, Ontario, Canada. Edge is a famous Canadian WWE wrestler, and his childhood was filled with a passion for WWE. He started his training early and became a WWE superstar. Along with being a wrestler, he is also an actor.

Professional Wrestling Career

Edge spent his early life studying and, at the end of the 1990s, he took his first step into wrestling. Initially, he made a name for himself in the WWF (World Wrestling Federation), and later in 1998, he joined WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). He earned a unique nickname, “The Edge,” and quickly formed a team in WWE with Gangrel and Christian called “The Brood.” This team gained significant fame and recognition among WWE fans who loved watching wrestling.

In WWE, The Edge created his identity with his skills, such as in-ring expertise, remarkable athleticism, and a habit of narrating captivating stories during his matches that people loved. He gained popularity for these qualities. Another reason for his popularity was his numerous achievements, including winning Tag Team Championships, multiple World Championships, and Intercontinental Championships.

In the past, there were famous wrestlers whose names were John Cena, The Undertaker, and Randy Orton. They had memorable matches with other professional wrestlers, and The Edge fought against many famous wrestlers as well. He had a lot of anger towards Matt Hardy, and they didn’t get along. The Edge considered Matt Hardy his enemy, and this enmity escalated when The Edge’s ally, Amy Dumas, sided with Matt Hardy.

The Edge, a professional wrestler, had faced very painful and dangerous injuries during his career, Neck Injury, which led him to announce his retirement from wrestling in 2011, and he eventually retired.

Return to Wrestling

The Edge astonishing return happened when people had no hope, and Edge surprised everyone in 2020 during the Royal Rumble event. He made his astonishing entry back into WWE, which delighted the old WWE fans. After recovering from his previous injuries and becoming healthier, The Edge showcased the same agility, enthusiasm, and passion that people loved. He had been away from WWE for over 9 years, making his return even more incredible.

Acting Career

When they stayed away from WWE, their fame not only did not diminish but rather increased because they worked in many famous movies after their departure from WWE. Among these movies were some blockbuster hits, one of which was named “Viking” or “Haven” that became very popular and they worked in several TV shows and other famous movies like “Endgame, “Bending the Rules “Interrogation and “Highlander.

Personal Life

The Edge enjoys reading comic books in his personal life and keeps himself occupied. He also listens to Metal Music with great interest. He has been actively involved in various organizations and frequently shares his activities on social media. He is very cheerful and loves to connect with his fans. He is associated with charitable organizations that help the needy, and he continues to contribute to them. One of these organizations is the Make-A-Wish foundation, with which he collaborates.

The Edge

Mini Bio

Edge age 2023

49 years old

Net worth 2023

$18 Million


Beth Phoenix



Children names

Rose Copeland and Ruby Copeland




6 feet 5 inches


109 kg

Eye Color

Hazel Green

Hair Color




Matches in WWE


Matches won


Matches lost


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