Dwayne Johnson

Short Biography

The full name of Dwayne Johnson is Dwayne Douglas Johnson, and he was born in the city of Hayward, California, in America on May 2, 1972. Before coming to Hollywood, he was a wrestler and gained considerable fame there. He took steps into Hollywood to establish a film career.

Early Life and Family

The father of Dwayne Johnson was named Rocky Johnson, and he was a professional wrestler. His mother’s name was Ata Maivia, and she came from a wrestling family known for their involvement in the sport. His family had a background in entertainment and sports, so Dwayne Johnson had a strong interest in wrestling and entertainment from a young age.

Football Career

Dwayne Johnson had a great passion for playing football, and he was a pro player. He played as a defensive lineman at Miami University. In 1991, he won the National Championship with his team, but he didn’t achieve as much success as he had worked hard for. As time went on, he decided to give up playing football.

Wrestling Career

In 1990, Dwayne Johnson made the decision to enter the world of WWE wrestling to continue the legacy. He chose the ring name “Rocky Maivia” as a tribute to his father and mother, and with his impressive physique and professional fighting style, he quickly gained considerable fame. As he continued his wrestling career, he defeated many renowned professional wrestlers and earned a reputation for himself. His name echoed on the tongues of many admirers, and he became known as “The Rock.

Acting Career

After an 11-year career in WWE, Dwayne Johnson took a step into the Film Industry in 2001. He acted in his very first film, “The Mummy Returns,” in 2001. Due to the success of this film, he decided to venture into Hollywood and continued to achieve success by starring in numerous films. His career began to soar, reaching new heights of success.

Personal Life

Dwayne Johnson, actively engages in various charitable organizations, collaborating to contribute to those in need. They participate in many beneficial activities and remain occupied in various positive pursuits. Dwayne openly discusses his own experiences with depression, sharing ways to prevent it and openly addressing mental health issues. He uses his social media presence to raise awareness about mental health and informs his followers about his family or any new initiatives he’s undertaking to help others.

Dwayne Johnson

Mini Bio

Age (2023)

51 years


Lauren Hashian



Children Names

Simone, Jasmine, and Tiana

Net Worth (2023)

$820 million


6 feet 3 inches


118 kg

Hair Color


Eye Color

Dark brown

Number of Movies

At least 68

First Hit Movie

The Mummy Returns

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