Kamala Harris

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Early Life and Education

The full name of Kamala Harris is Kamala Devi Harris, and she was born in the city of Oakland, California, USA, on October 20, 1964. Her father’s name is Donald Harris, who is an economist from the city of Jamaica. Her mother’s name is Shyamala Gopalan, and she is known for being the first lady from India to specialize in cancer research. Kamala Harris parents were advocates for human rights and justice, and they fought against wrongful actions. Kamala Harris grew up in a household that valued social justice, and her parents were actively involved in civil rights issues. They fought for the rights of citizens and continued to advocate for justice.


After completing her early education, Kamala Harris took admission to Harvard University. It is one of the renowned and prestigious universities in the world, known for providing excellent education. She pursued a degree in politics and economics, and after successfully graduating from there, Kamala Harris furthered her education by enrolling at the University of California. Here, she obtained a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree in Law. In addition to her political career, she is also a skilled attorney.

Early Career

After completing her degree, Kamala Harris aimed to advance her legal career and served as a deputy district attorney in her city of California. Upon assuming this role, she focused on advocating for children’s rights, combating sexual assaults on children, and addressing domestic violence. She handled numerous cases related to human rights and paid significant attention to these matters.

Later, in 2004, she continued her progression and became the District Attorney of San Francisco. She was not only the first woman but also the first black American to hold this position. This significant achievement marked a turning point, as the perception of Black American individuals in the USA began to change for the better. The situation has improved since then.

Political Career

Kamala Harris received a promotion after 6 years, during which she sat on the seat of California’s attorney general. She became the first woman to occupy this position. Shortly after taking this seat, she took action against international criminal organizations and worked diligently to ensure justice and protection for the citizens. She fulfilled your work excellently to safeguard justice and the well-being of the people.

United States Senate

Kamala Harris, after serving as Deputy Attorney General of Antoney, was elected to the Senate seat for the United States in 2016, six years after her successful tenure. She became the second African-American woman from the USA to hold this seat. After assuming this position, she diligently carried out her duties. She improved the Judiciary Committee and Intelligence Committee during her time there, along with many other organizations and committees. Her exceptional work in high-profile matters earned her a positive reputation and she often remains in the national spotlight.

Vice Presidency

Kamala Harris talents and her approach to work with justice and dedication led her to be chosen as the running mate for Joe Biden for the 2020 presidential elections. She won the election and assumed the position of the 49th Vice President. After taking office, she continued to hold onto her passion, raising her voice for human rights, taking action, and working to improve voting rights. She also worked diligently on issues like providing relief for COVID-19 and addressing immigration challenges.

Kamala Harris

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Age 2023

59 years


Douglas Emhoff


Kamala Harris Stepmother of 2 children

Children names

Cole Emhoff and Ella Emhoff

Net worth 2023

$29 Million

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5 Feet 3 Inches


62 Kg

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