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Joe Biden real name is Joseph Robinette Biden Jr., and he was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA, on November 20, 1942. He belonged to a middle-class family. After completing his early education, he enrolled at Delaware University in Delaware, where he pursued a degree in political science and history. After completing his studies there, he went on to graduate from Syracuse University Law School in 1968.

In 1973, when Joe Biden was 30 years old, he took the oath of office as a senator from Delaware. He became the youngest person to hold this seat in the United States. He served as a senator continuously until 2009 and has been elected to the Senate seat six times so far.

After getting the Senator’s chair, Joe Biden did many good deeds. He formed various committees that focused on bringing justice to the military, creating fiscal policies, and played a significant role in these efforts. Additionally, he also worked to address various other heinous crimes, especially those committed against women. He actively worked on implementing the act against violence towards women and taking measures to control overall violence.

Joe Biden tried to secure the Democratic nomination in 2008 by running in the primaries, but he was unsuccessful. After this, he spoke to Barack Obama, who, after considering it, chose Joe Biden as his running mate. Then, in 2008, Barack Obama won the election, and Joe Biden became the Vice President of the United States.

After becoming vice president, Biden showed great empathy with his people and worked hard with them. He made every effort for economic recovery and promoted initiatives for addressing climate change. He fulfilled his responsibilities well during his presidency, especially in 2011, when he played a significant role in the withdrawal of American troops from Iraq, contributing to stability in the region.

Biden made his third successful attempt for the presidency in the year 2020. He won the Democratic nomination and contested against Donald Trump in the election on November 7, 2020. Joe Biden secured victory with 270 electoral votes and became the elected President.

Joe Biden has been elected as the 46th President of America, and he is benefiting his nation by serving his people well. Joe Biden has focused on addressing the Covid-19 pandemic, climate change, economic recovery, healthcare, and justice-related issues with great attention.

Joe Biden

Mini Bio

Age 2023

80 years

Wife name

Jill Biden



Children name

Hunter Biden, Beau Biden, Ashley Biden, Naomi Biden

Net worth 2023

$58 Million

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