Noah Beck

Short Biography

Before Fame

Noah Beck was born on 2001, May 4, in the city of Peoria, Arizona, USA. He received his early education in the same city and then attended the University of Portland. He was a skilled soccer player and played as a midfielder for the soccer team. However, he didn’t complete his studies and decided to leave the university after two semesters.

Family life

The father of Noah Beck is named Mr. Beck, and his mother’s name is Amy Beck. He has two older sisters, the eldest one being named Tatum, and the younger one named Haley. His cousin, who is also a famous TikToker, goes by the name Holly Beck and Abbie Herbert.

Noah Beck became friends with Dixie D’Amelio, and they developed romantic feelings for each other. They used to create cute videos together and often posted them. However, in 2022, they separated, and their relationship ended.

His career on Tiktok

When he first started on the TikTok platform, he used to create lip-syncing videos, comedic skits, and dance challenges. With his charming appearance, talent, and captivating content, he quickly gained popularity on TikTok and started ranking higher on the platform. Alongside this success, he collaborated with many famous TikTokers and YouTube stars, and their videos together were well-received. As of 2023, he has more than 34 million followers on TikTok.


Noah Beck is a famous Instagram account that features fitness, lifestyle, and fashion-related content. He promotes brands and posts various videos on this account. In 2020, he gained popularity as a member of a well-known social group called the Sway House, where he established a considerable following. The following year, in 2021, he worked on a series with Awesomeness TV titled “Noah Beck Tries Things.

Noah Beck

Short Bio


Noah Beck

Age 2023

22 years

Net Worth 2023

$7 Million

Monthly Income

$46,000 +

Relationship 2023



5 Feet 7 Inches


74 kg

Followers on Tiktok


Most Viewed Video

Love Story – 73.2 million views

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