Dani Daniel


The real name of Dani Daniels is Kira Lee Orsag, and she was born on September 23, 1989, in the United States, California. Dani Daniel came from a poor family background and studied until art school. They were raised by two mothers, and they had a mixed German and English heritage. At the age of 15, they worked in a medical office while also enrolling in art school at the same time. However, she accumulated a significant amount of debt during her studies, which led her to enter the adult film industry to repay it. She was 22 years old at the time when she decided to pursue this career. In 2011, she left the industry, and in 2012, she filmed her first movie with Erik Everhard. Dani Daniel gained recognition in Penthouse Magazine in 2012 and 2014, where she was featured as a beautiful girl. She has worked in a total of 910 films until now, up until 2018. Her husband has supported her throughout her career by managing her film appearances. In 2017, Dani Daniels got married to Victor Cipolla. She has won 20 awards in her name for her performances in various explicit films.

Dani Daniels is not only a good actress but also a talented painter. She creates her paintings under the name ‘Kira Lee,’ and some fans refer to her by this name as well. Dani Daniels considers herself a model and actively participates in such endeavors. In 2018, Dani Daniels participated in an Amazon Prime TV show where they discussed many interesting things. They would sit at the same table and engage in entertaining conversations with well-known personalities from the industry.

Dani Daniel

Dani Daniel Age 2023

33 year old

Marital Status

Married [In 2017] with Victor Cipolla



Net Worth In 2023

Approximately $5.4 Million

How Many Films Dani Daniel Work

Over 910 films

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